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Oxy Jet Leo de Luxe

OXY Jet Leo de Luxe is a compact multifunctional beauty device for oxygen therapy (oxy-therapy). This device allows you to solve a huge range of aesthetical problems.

OXY Jet Leo de Luxe professional beauty machine includes 8 different technologies. An obligatory component of each technology is a pure oxygen, which allows you to transform the skin due to the normalization of blood circulation, stimulation of metabolic processes, anti-inflammatory and revitalizing effects.

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Oxy Jet

Oxy Jet Leo oxygen therapy uses purified up to 98 percent and concentrated oxygen. This oxygen under high pulsed pressure of two atmospheres penetrates the deep layers of the skin through the intercellular space through natural “corridors”, introduces special bioactive low molecular weight  based on hyaluronic acid and vitamins obtained from natural products.


In addition to the Oxy-Jet function described above, the device has other features:

  1. Cleansing (Oxy-Clear) – the use of concentrated oxygen in combination with a special sponge and cleansing lotion OXY-clear. Result: deep cleansing, anti-irritant and anti-bacterial effects.
  2. Oxygen diamond peeling (OXY-diamond). Result: peeling, cleansing, deep regeneration.
  3. Toning (Oxy-Tone) – a handpiece for skin toning and lifting through mechanical massage with additional supply of concentrated oxygen.
  4. Toning (Oxy Tone Disk) – a handpiece for intensive facial massage. A special rotating massage disc intensively stimulates the subcutaneous fat, thus allowing, among other things, to reduce local fat deposits in the chin and cheeks area.
  5. Cryotherapy (oxy-cryo) – stimulation with a cooled flow of oxygen. Under the influence of cold, the vessels of the epidermis spasm for a short time, and then expand as much as possible, thereby ensuring the maximum flow of blood saturated with oxygen and nutrients.
  6. Oxy-Spray – this function consists of a gentle breeze of pure oxygen (98%) onto the skin. Perfect for damaged or irritated tissues due to the regenerating and antiseptic effects of oxygen.
  7. Oxy-Inhalation – has a healing and detoxifying effect on the body.
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Skin firmness
  • Moisturizing
  • Peeling
  • Lifting
  • Anti-acne
  • Anti-pigmentation


Is it necessary to buy a device with all functions (handpieces)?

Oxy Jet Leo is available in 3 configurations:

  1. Oxy Jet Leo De Luxe – complete set with all functions (Oxy-jet, oxy-diamond peeling, oxy-clear, oxy-tone, oxy-cryo, oxy-spray, oxy-inhalation)
  2. Oxy Jet Leo Cool – (oxy-jet, oxy-spray, oxy-cryo, oxy-inhalation)
  3. Oxy Jet Leo – (oxy-jet, oxy-spray, oxy-inhalation)
How does the device differ from analogues?

In similar devices, as a rule, only the oxygen spray function (oxy-spray) is used. Oxy-jet (pure oxygen injection) is a unique feature for the OxyJet Leo. Oxy Jet function is often called “mesotherapy without needles”, since the result is really comparable to classical mesotherapy.

Thanks to additional handpieces (for microdermabrasion, cryotherapy, massage, etc.), you can create a huge number of individual treatment protocols for clients of different ages.


What cosmetics should be used to work with the Oxy Jet Leo?

You can use Nora Bode Kosmetik cosmetics, which are designed to work with this device, but other brands of small molecular weight cosmetics are also acceptable.

What education is required to operate the machine?

Desired education/qualification – esthetician, cosmetologist, dermatologist, etc. Our company conducts training for specialists who purchase equipment. After training course is completed, an international certificate is issued.

What is included in the price of the device?

Device, installation of the device, training for 2 specialists, warranty.


24 months.

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